My Language Skills is a publishing company that provides a service for second language learning. Teachers and students can easily find useful and well organized open tools and materials, which are provided through several websites.

How to use Questions and Answers

For a comment to be published,
the author needs to have a previous approved comment.
  • Toolbar – While editing a post or comment, the toolbar appears at the top of the editor and provides quick access to frequently used text formatting and HTML tags. For longer posts, the toolbar automatically scrolls down to stay in view so you don’t have to scroll back up to use it.
  • Adding a title – we will automatically generate titles from your post. If you prefer, click the Add a Post Title icon at the top right of the editor to show a field where you can enter a title explicitly. Some special characters prevent auto-titles, so you can use the manual title entry if you’d like to hand-craft a title for your post.
  • Bold – surrounds the selected text with strong tags
  • Italics – surrounds the selected text with em tags
  • Blockquote – surrounds the selected text, if any, with blockquote tags
  • Inline Tagging – tag as you type. When editing a post, press # and then start typing a tag. Tag suggestions will appear based on tags you’ve already used, or just #continue to create a new tag.
  • Mentions – get the attention of other users on your site. When editing a post or comment, press @ and then start typing their username. Username suggestions will appear automatically as you type. Select one and hit enter or tab (or click it) to insert it into your post or comment. The user you mention will get an email and a toolbar notification once you publish.
  • Image – inserts an image tag, ready for editing (also see Drag and Drop below)
  • Drag and Drop – have an image on your computer to share? Just drag and drop it:

  • Link – surrounds the selected text with an anchor tag, and places the cursor inside the href attribute
  • Pasting Links – have a link in your clipboard? Highlight any text and paste it. The highlighted text will automatically be turned into a link.

  • Time shortcode – If you’d like to include a time in your posts/comments which is localized for the viewer, then you can post a fully-formatted UTC/GMT time, and wrap it in the [time] shortcode. When someone else views it, the time will be localized based on their selected timezone. For example, these will all work:
[time]April 3, 2018 17:00 UTC[/time]
[time]January 6th, 2018 3:30pm EDT[/time]
  • Bulleted and Numbered Lists – create a list quickly and easily by starting each line with – or * for a bulleted list, or # for a numbered list.

  • Checklists – create a simple to-do list by starting each line with an o (lower case O), a space, and then some text. When saved, it transforms into a to-do list. You can also use an x (lower case X) at the beginning of a line to mark it as checked off. Once you’ve created a list, checking an item off will automatically add your name to the end of that time. Clicking the text of an item will give you some more options, and you can drag/drop to re-order items.

  • Blockquotes – quickly quote text from a post or comment by highlighting it first, and then hitting the reply button to create a new comment. The highlighted text will automatically be blockquoted in the editor. Starting a line with “> ” (greater than sign, space) will also blockquote that line.
  • Code – surrounds the selected text, if any, with code tags. If you are in the middle of a line, then an inline code block will be created. If you’re at the start of a line, then a larger code block will be inserted.